Self Esteem

Avoiding social interactions.  Constantly trying to fly under the radar or stay out of the spotlight.  Apologizing constantly.  Looking for escape routes for literally everything.  Fear of commitment.

Sound familiar?

Many of us struggle with low self esteem.  It can originate for a variety of reasons–but the symptoms all end up looking very similar.  I spend a lot of time initially getting to know my clients–truly, deeply knowing them.  Without strong rapport in the therapeutic relationship, it is very difficult to do this kind of in-depth work.  I want to know what motivates you, what things you struggle with.  What makes you tick.  It is only through getting to know you at this level that I can help you understand the causes of low self esteem, but I can help you build the ladder out of the darkness.

I utilize the Enneagram as a tool to help you on your path to self discovery.  Many people find it helpful to know that there are others who interact with and view the world in a similar lens as you do.  I also help clients identify cognitive distortions and irrational thinking patterns that prevent them from living a full, happy and meaningful life.  I encourage clients to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise regimen to help re-balance the body as it undergoes this meaningful and important journey.